The special features of this instructional DVD set include:

A one hour demonstration with high quality visuals and closeups

Detailed 2 1/2 hour lecture

User friendly DVD chapter divisions and menu buttons to find specific areas fast

High-quality 3 camera production

Before and After Photos and video testimonails about the treatment to share with your patients

Power Point graphics and illustrations of needle location and technique

Available in PAL and NTSC formats and playable in most regions worldwide

Region free viewing for computer use

Highly effective Protocol

Extensive original information

Continuing education credits available in some areas

Eco packaging From the teacher who has trained most of the teachers on this subject



Disc 1: Introduction to the DVD Series (3:44) Lecture, Part 1 (101:57) – Benefits, Contraindications, Supplies, Preventing Bruising, Guidelines for practicing FRA, and Points for Specific Conditions

Disc 2: Lecture, Part 2: Protocol (40:42) Demonstration/Needle Placement and Technique (61:14) – Lifting Cheeks and Jowls, Lifting Eyebrows, Double Chin, Sculpting Cheekbones, Nasolabial Wrinkles, Furrows, Eye Area and Upper Cheeks, Forehead Wrinkles, Lip Area and Age Spots, and Protruding Temporal Veins. Treatment and Workshop Testimonials (15:45) Before and After Photos (4:57)

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